• Duffy

Fun Fotoshoot at Market Place Fresh Foods!

We cannot begin to tell you how hard it was to not eat this food as soon as we got it. All of our stomachs were growling so loud, we thought people on the street could hear us. Then by the time all the photos were taken... The food got cold! But through all the painstaking moments, it was super fun to hang out on the rooftop to take these photos.

We were able to get some super cool, vertical shots with this long counter along the outside of the rooftop! It shows the beautiful Mount Emily in the background, once we found that angle it was hard to say no to it.

Check out the results of this photoshoot and more on Market Place Fresh Foods' Facebook.

Cole got a little goofy while Kaleb was taking the photos of the food...But if it was just the two of them, then who took the photo of both of them??

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