What Makes Us Different

Nicholas Duffy
DDRC Marketing
Shari Carpenter, Ph.D.
Nicholas Duffy
Dustin Follett

DDRC Marketing started with a group of like-minded individuals from Eastern Oregon with a passion for marketing and advertising. Headed up by a fearless, knowledgeable leader, Dr. Shari Carpenter said "We have an opportunity to improve our community and beyond. We should start a marketing agency." Like a spark, we transformed ourselves into DDRC Marketing. We banded together to base ourselves around being Relationship Focused and Results Driven.


Our main purpose in starting DDRC Marketing is to help businesses be more successful. Our goal is to serve our clients through guided research and creative concepts. Then, we design holistic marketing strategies that create buzz and drive results by creating campaigns with multiple promotional aspects that support and connect to each other to best develop brand equity.

At the end of the day, the numbers don't lie and we pour our hearts into our work for our client's success.