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Nicholas Duffy

Partner/Chief Creative Officer

Fierce in nature and competitive at heart. Growing up as the youngest of four pushed Nicholas as a child. Throughout his childhood, up to adulthood, he was part of the wrestling, cross country, and track teams that gave him the values he needed to succeed. These values still push him to this day, whether he's creating your company's story, coming up with the next big idea, or when jogging around Eastern Oregon. 

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Cole Rixe

Partner/Chief Executive Officer

DDRC's liaison between the agency and its clients. Cole's natural and educational background in communication enables him to develop a lasting relationship and connect to your business in the most professional and courteous manner. His charismatic presence helps him to be a strong facilitator of engagement, and his marketing prowess makes him the perfect Chief Executive Officer.

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Shari Carpenter, Ph.D.

Partner/Chief Strategy Officer

With over thirty years of marketing and advertising experience, as well as, sixteen years of teaching and research experience, Dr. Carpenter is the wisdom and knowledge of the agency. She provides insightful and effective ways to implement and communicate important marketing concepts to ensure our client's success. Outside of work, Dr. Carpenter enjoys spending time with her animals and reading her new favorite book.

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Dustin Follett

Director of Creative Analytics

At DDRC, Dustin will be responsible for creating and maintaining analytical reports showcasing client progress across various digital marketing channels, provide insight on creative brainstorming, and propose potential solutions to our client’s challenge.

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