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Strategic, Integrated Marketing Services Rooted in Data and Analytics

Our work ethic drives us to do more and work harder. When you partner with DDRC, we continually monitor your projects and consistently assess your returns. We look for the next step and drive new ideas to help ensure your sustainable success.

Numbers Do Not Lie

Stack of Books

Smart business decisions are rooted in facts and data - about your market, your audiences, and about your organization. 

Our research practice uses methodologies and techniques tailored to your unique needs to reveal actionable insights.

During this phase, we collect as much information, market data, etc., as possible. The purpose is to identify your audience's demographics, psychographic profile, what they want, how they receive and organize information, and the trends within your industry.


Marketing Audit

Strategic Business Unit Analysis

Primary Research Methods

Website Analysis and Audit

Product/Service Data and Statistics

Secondary Research Methods

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