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Research and Strategy Fuels Exceptional Creativity

Connecting Brands to Results through Research-Based, Integrated Strategies

DDRC Marketing is an integrated marketing agency that crafts strategic, multi-channel campaigns driven by research and data analytics. 

Passion in Your Work

Why commit to anything in life without having a passion for it? See, for us, marketing and advertising is not our job - it's much more. To put in the work and serve our clients with the passion they deserve is why we do what we do. 

How We Work With You

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Our work ethic drives us to do more and work harder. When you partner with DDRC, we continually monitor your projects and consistently assess your consumer's engagement.

Creative, exceptional work based on research and strategy is our bread and butter. Energized by one coffee after another, we are relentless in our pursuit of achieving your goals. 

Who We Have Worked With


"DDRC Marketing has been providing marketing services for the Eastern Oregon Regional Airport, Pendleton UAS (drone) Range, and Pendleton Economic Development since January of 2021. I could not be more pleased with the work they have performed for us. They’ve attacked every project we have presented them with an uncommon speed, vigor, and enthusiasm.


What they lack in life experience, they more than makeup for with creativity and a willingness to learn new skills. And they are very reasonably priced, which means our limited marketing budget doesn’t get eaten up by a bunch of big name agency fees and billable hours."

Steve Chrisman
Economic Development and Airport Director

Maximize Your Brands Future and Potential

As an integrated marketing agency, we create consistent messaging and marketing themes used across traditional and digital channels. The result is a seamless customer experience that establishes multiple paths for you and your audience to connect.


From research to strategy and design to execution, DDRC Marketing has the team and the experience to connect your brand with sustainable success supported by measurable results. 

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We Listen to Understand

Our proposals are prescriptive not predictive. Before determining the specific marketing channels and tactics, we learn more about you, your brand, your successes, your pain points, and more.


By asking the right questions, we can best understand your marketing challenges. From our initial conversation to your project kick-off, your voice is heard, your marketing challenges are addressed, and a plan of action is prepared.

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