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Integrated Marketing: What & Why?

In today’s fragmented, complex landscape, consumers, now more than ever, are constantly being bombarded with marketing and advertising on multiple platforms. It is crucial that when piecing together a marketing strategy or campaign, it all ties together under one consistent message, theme, and brand to ensure there is no confusion in the customer journey and save valuable time and resources. This marketing approach is called integrated marketing, and in this blog, we’ll dive deeper into what integrated marketing is, why it matters, and an example of integrated marketing DDRC has implemented for one of our clients.

What is Integrated Marketing?

When searching for integrated marketing online, there are numerous definitions. Still, it all boils down to the common theme of a strategic marketing approach that utilizes one overarching message and communicates that across all marketing channels.

By delivering a singular, consistent message to your target audience, you achieve more, and your audience will be more likely to remember your product/service over your competitors. Integrated marketing makes the customer experience seamless to achieve brand awareness, equity, and, ultimately, sales.

Imagine walking into a grocery store and seeing a new product on the shelf, then you decide to head to the brand’s website, and the design, messaging, and feel are entirely different. This is where integrated marketing is most potent.

Why Integrated Marketing?

Since brands continuously spend time and resources reaching their audience, the chance of an isolated marketing effort being successful is low. Integrated marketing, when done correctly, can be a powerful strategy for effectively communicating to your target audience and not wasting time and money. Research has shown that integrated marketing campaigns utilizing more than four channels can outperform single or dual-channel campaigns by 300%.

  • You achieve better results. When you combine consistent messaging with the proper marketing channels, you’ll bolster your marketing effectiveness. The more you can ease your customer's life and make their journey a seamless experience, you increase the likelihood of a sale and brand loyalty.

  • You stand out in a crowded market. You can build better brand awareness when consistent with graphics, headlines, and key phrases across different mediums and platforms. Creative consistency helps reinforce campaign themes by increasing the number of times prospects see or hear the same message.

  • You save time and money. When your marketing focuses on a single, consistent message that effectively speaks to your target audience, you save time by not having to create multiple campaigns with different messaging. You’re also preventing budget-wasting that happens with inconsistent campaigns.

Example of Integrated Marketing

At DDRC Marketing, we focus on research-based marketing strategies communicated through an integrated approach. We’ve supported clients in various industries to reach their marketing goals and effectively reach their target audience. Our client, Eastern Oregon University Head Start (EOUHS), is an excellent example of integrated marketing in action.

EOUHS needed marketing assistance to increase the number of applicants to their program in Union and Baker counties. Before DDRC crafts strategy, messaging, and content, we first conducted a marketing audit and marketing research report. Then, we analyzed the results from the research and formulated the brand strategy, which included our singular message of “Dreams Begin at Head Start!”.

The campaign then transformed into what is now known as “Calling all Future Astronauts… Your Dreams Begin at Head Start!”

This same message, visual, and theme were communicated across the following marketing channels:

  • Social Media

  • Website

  • Videography/Animation

  • Photography

  • Print Materials

  • Experiential

After seven months of working with DDRC, this integrated approach increased the number of applicants to the EOUHS program by 95% compared to the previous year.


Marketing is already a complex, fast-paced industry, and that’s why using an integrated marketing approach will make the life of your customer easy and yours as well. Contact us today if you’re unsure where to start or would like to learn more about integrated marketing at DDRC Marketing!

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