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Holistic Marketing and Why it Works!

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

At DDRC Marketing, we mention the term 'holistic marketing' as one of the staples of our marketing services. When starting this agency, our team has and always will ask ourselves, "What more could we be doing for our clients?" "How can we bring different marketing strategies together that work cohesively and move our clients forward?" Well, that is the basis of holistic marketing and what we preach as our "bread and butter" for driving results and creating buzz.

The actual dictionary definition of holistic marketing is a marketing strategy that considers the whole of a business. And all the different marketing channels as a system. Here is an example of holistic marketing for one of our clients: Single Speed Screen Printing

When we first started working with Meg and Austin Hawks of Single Speed Screen Printing, we were tasked with redesigning and revamping their current website. After a little over a month of work, we completed the project, and the results were significant. Meg and Austin were both pleased with the new website. Their sales saw a sizable increase due to their excellent product and new, easy, and accessible website. With that, our team asked, "OK, what's next? How do we take this new website and connect it back to their other marketing channels so that the website will not lie dormant but an active piece in their marketing strategy?" The answer is simple, we develop their social media marketing via Facebook run targeted ads that promote their product and their new website. The following steps are to establish an email list to help drive customer loyalty potential direct-mail advertising and create an offshoot website specific to their popular and trademarked 'Sasquatch Happens' tee.

Suppose you own a business and you are an entrepreneur. In that case, you may know that marketing and advertising are an integral part of your overall business plan. It can be tricky, confusing, and at times unrewarding. Still, your marketing can be straightforward, clear, and rewarding with an effective holistic marketing strategy. If you find yourself looking for those next steps and need assistance navigating the marketing waters, contact DDRC Marketing today for a free consultation.

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